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What makes a Tiny Wonderful Thing?

  • How evergreen is it? While we do feature newsy items, we don't feature "news". Will someone find this just as fun and interesting five years from now?
  • Is it for everyone? While a large part of our audience are working creatives, this is not an industry newsletter about curating inspiration for work. It's a newsletter celebrating creative work that already exists in the world, and connecting art, technology, and design to people.
  • Is it on the internet? Can it be accessed by anyone around the world?
  • Is it wonderful? You be the judge. Does it evoke feelings of curiosity, optimism, and wonder?
  • We care more about content than form—that means slick, shiny websites matter less here than the message. Wonder in plain text? Bring it on. Doesn't mean we'll say no to nice packaging and a great cover.
  • All formats are welcome! We celebrate creative work in all forms and have featured articles, apps, websites, and games—from big productions to (mostly) tiny projects. And we're open to even more.

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