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Get Your Wonder On: Season Two Teaser


Hello there, I hope you've had a summer full of wonder. Were there fireflies and sparks of joy all over? In spite of all that happened, did you remember to look up to revel in the stars? Did the wonder of the universe catch you off guard? Was your summer full of new adventures and familiar feelings? Did you have a chance to remember who you really are? Did you learn something new, and were you moved to tears at least once? It doesn't matter if it happened in the company of others or by yourself, stopped in the midst of the endless wave of the internet; every bit of wonder is real, wherever it lives, as long as it's felt—shivers or goosebumps or heartbeats or tingly toes, early birds to catch the first rays or late night rabbit-holes.

If not, there's no time to fret. Forget and try again today. Fall is just like a new year, but in colour and with better drinks, better clothes, better weather.

And you're the first to know: more Tiny Wonderful Things are on their way. After a slow premiere followed by an unprecedented surge of subscribers this summer, we have been renewed for a second season. Season Two will air right in your inbox and on tinywonderfulthings.com starting next week, on the first Tuesday after Autumn Equinox, the official start of fall.

Updates to programming for Tiny Wonderful Things Season Two (to be rolled out at our convenience):

  • an expanded format—you asked for it! (Well, a couple of you did and I guess the rest are here for the ride.) So, we're trialling a longer email.
  • more media! book, TV, film, podcast, and music recommendations because there are so many too good not to be sharing anywhere.
  • more! more! more! work from diverse creatives around the world, designer highlights, interesting new brands, more poetry, more science, more art, more wonder.
  • a live feed for the extra wonder-keen
  • a new skin featuring the lavender of my Y2K preteen dreams (the very first colour I fell in love with when I discovered hex codes: #CCCCFF, which will forever be ingrained in my memory)

This we're still and ever will be committed to: expanding your sense of the world and by proxy, your sense of self. Knowledge changes, turns truth to history or fiction, but imagination is cumulative and we're here to surface and celebrate it all across the wild, wonderful web.

Stay tuned. It's time to get your wonder on.

Tiny Wonderful Things Season Two premieres right here in your inbox, next Tuesday, September 27 at 8:21am PT / 11:21am ET / 5:21am CET / 12:21am+1 JST.

About Tiny Wonderful Things
Debuting in the summer of 2021, Tiny Wonderful Things is a weekly email featuring discoveries handpicked by Ana Wang, with a focus on cultivating enthusiasm for all the wonderful things around us from technology to art to the magic and mysteries of the universe. Tiny Wonderful Things has been named an Internet Gem by ilovecreatives and fans have called it "exceptional for finding interesting things", saying "I'd love to wake up to this daily!".

This message brought to you by Ana and (the) Wondermachine.