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Get curious about technology, culture, art, fashion, design and the world around you. No experience or prior knowledge necessary.

Tiny Wonderful Things is a newsletter by Wonder Machine delivered every Tuesday, providing readers globally with manually curated reads, products, brands, and curiosities around the planet and on the world wide web.

Caught in between the modern affliction of too much information, an overemphasis on data and the monopolization of attention, this is a space for all where the pursuit of growth doesn't lie in the constant pursuit of more! more! more!, but instead, in moments of surprise, curiosity, delight and wonder.

We live in a world of blurred lines and choose-your-own adventures: experience life in color, take a break, learn something new, discover all the things beyond what's merely convenient and fast, escape monotony, and fight the patriarchy of big tech, all at once. This is a place where technology isn't about control or getting to know you to sell your soul in data form, but about stoking possibility and fuelling your independence, whoever and wherever you are, internet stranger.

There's a lot more out there beyond what you see based on the algorithms designed to keep you exactly where you are. And where you want to go could be much greater and wilder than you can imagine right now.

So come take a break from the mindless scroll and surf the world wide web with us like it's 1999. It's way more fun out here.


Founder and Editor
Ana Wang, @ana_et_al