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#048: Build your own museum, get a scents of humour, and glitter like...space?

#048: Build your own museum, get a scents of humour, and glitter like...space?

Hello and welcome to the 48th edition of Tiny Wonderful Things. Today's featured image is by Aydin Büyüktaş, captured via drone and spliced together for major Inception vibes.

Learn to code through fairy tales

Why are kids books so much more fun than grown-up books? Case in point: now you can learn Python programming through fairy tales and nursery rhymes. It does say "for kids and beginners", and YOLO and all that, so maybe here's your chance to learn a new skill. Written by Shari Eskenas, inventor, engineer, and founder of Sundae Electronics, and illustrated charmingly by Ana Quintero Villafraz.

Le Labo has a scents of humour

Fragrance brand Le Labo are the brilliant minds behind well, @overheardlelabo, an Instagram account filled with both real and faux stories "overheard" at their stores, written on "pretentious typewriters".  They're also behind Le Journal, an online magazine of sorts, and their current issue is all about love. It's light on content but high on fun, like these horoscopes by Nostrildamus.

Curate your own personal museum

Are you sick of influencers shilling the same (mostly already well-known) brands? Are you getting bored of what you yourself have curated on your very own social media feeds, sending you instead into the arms of TikTok's algorithm? It might be time to explore the art of personal curation. Atlas Obscura does courses you probably won't find anywhere else (here's one about dreaming, and one about writing your own murder mystery party game); this one on "incorporating museum systems and philosophies into your own life" is by Alexis Hyde, who was the Director of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles.

8 video games about gardening

Video games have long expanded past point-and-shoot and racing games roots to multiplayer co-op games and games about everything and anything. Here are eight games all about gardening, including a game about selling plants that has been called the best game of the year so far.

Space, but make it glitter

Vadim Sherbakov created this short film to emulate the look and vibes of outer space with glitter. The result? 3 minutes of magic.